Monday, 19 July 2010

Where have Televison gone????

Where has all my American T.V gone????? Ergh all the seasons have ended or been cancelled!! I am deeply disappointed about Heroes being cancelled by NBC as I really thought they would be able to bring it back next season, even after the last two awful seasons I thought they would have worked out where they went wrong and not make the same mistakes again. I feel the same way about Ugly Betty (ABC) it got way too boring towards the end and even got too silly! (Which I didn’t think could happen anymore to them)

However Desperate Housewives (ABC) seem to be doing it right, I think it was a great idea to make it 5 years later - although I did hate it at the time, but it clearly worked on me and the story lines have been great! The show I am already missing and really looking forward to is Brothers and Sisters (ABC) the way they ended this season was unbelievable! I don’t want to give away any spoilers but it’s a tearjerker believe me.

Luckily season 7 of Entourage (HBO) has just started and so far so good! Even though we have only had the one episode so far due to the July 4th celebrations (which is quite annoying for those living outside the USA) but the teaser episode has got me quite excited!

Another HBO show starting is True Blood, which so far hasn’t been that exciting, then again I appreciate the good looking young men they have added and is the only reason why I am still watching it. Hopefully this will pick up.

I wish my boredom would go away and some good television would come onto my screen. Maybe this is a sign I should get a life and focus on the real world, well without good television to watch, I might have to.