Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Where to go from here?

I have just officially finished university and now have to find a 'real job' and work my way up the business ladder. But where do I start? I want a job in the film industry as a top movie and television producer, but I want it now! I have to now start and earn my way to the top which is looking very far away at this point. I have only just started to write my C.V. which is looking rather plain and empty. Why have I left it this long? I should already be on my way.

As well as being a producer I want to act. I know it can sound quite cliché when I say "I'm an actress" and have to confess I hate admitting it to people, for some reason I am ashamed of it. I don't have an agent or even a head shot! So this is not the greatest start and again I am only starting to write my acting resume which once more seems bare.

I am already at the point that I want to give up because I am scared to fail in the future. I hope I can shake off this feeling as I don't want to become an average Joe. I want to be known, I want to see my name up in credits for my acting or my producing (or maybe even both!) but I can't get there unless I try to find some motivation. I need to stop my excuses and work! - that is if I can even get any.

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Rinkly Rimes said...

I am a very old lady now but when I was sixteen I went for an interview with the BBC in London. I was told to return to school and become a Secretary and then they would employ me. I rebelled and didn't follow it up. But I now know that many BBC secretaries went on to much more interesting jobs and rose up the ladder. Me? I became a teacher and never rose at all. You'll get there, I'm sure.

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